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    We maintain an accurate understanding of the customer's entire supply chain,
    and build and manage the optimal logistics system for the customer based on this understanding.

    "Linking", "Transporting", "Creating"
    The three core service lines provided by Trancom are customizable
    based on the logistical circumstances and issues facing the customer.
    We prepare made-to-order logistics systems that meet the customer's individual requirements.


  • Linking

    [Logistics center building and management service]
    We impart continual improvements into our logistics centers through a combination of "human expertise" specializing in logistics and "ICT support foundations" developed from a logistics perspective.
    We also share performance indicators, quality standards and issues concerning logistics systems with our customers, and apply an integrated form of management for our low-cost, high quality logistics systems.

    Warehouse management  Transportation and delivery management

  • Transporting

    [Transportation matching/delivery service]
    We leverage the No. 1 logistics network in Japan - backed by 43 information centers and approximately 13,000 partner companies nationwide - to provide a transportation matching service. In addition with this, our delivery service utilizes a network of 58 logistics sites and partner companies across Japan. This combination provides the optimal transportation and delivery system in Japan, capable of handling anything from regular transportation and delivery requests, to deftly responding to sudden fluctuations in demand.

    Transportation matching service  Delivery service

  • Creating

    [Contract production/human resource dispatch service]
    We provide our customers with support for pre-distribution processes, namely through contract production, in which we aid on-site manufacturing utilizing robust production management and quality control systems. We actively improve work efficiency and productivity through an optimized approach to business operation that includes a deep understanding of the customer's business while not stubbornly relying of pre-established systems when a better alternative exists.

    Contract production  Human resources

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